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MARCH84 is Lourenço Salgueiro.

Lourenço is a graphic designer based in Lisbon, with a multidisciplinary approach to design.

His professional path has taken him to New York City, where he worked for Giovanni Bianco / Studio 65 and C&G Partners, and back to Lisbon for RMAC, -nada-, and more recently at 3H.

His work has been featured at Brand New and LogoOrange, as well as publications like "The Language of Graphic Design" from Rockport and "I Love Futura" from Viction:ary, as well as being exhibited in the “Revolution 99-09" exhibition, showcasing 10 years in Portuguese graphic and product design organized by ExperimentaDesign in 2009.

Lourenço is always looking for new challenges and interesting opportunities, so feel free to get in touch!

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