Synthesized 2.0

2023  — 

Continuation of of work completed while as Senior Visual Designer at Synthesized, 2023-Present.

Website art direction and supporting graphics

At the end of 2022, Synthesized had a refresh of their website, brand and communication. This involved multiple internal stakeholders but also the continued support from an external design agency, Tubik.

After reviewing content and refining the overall site's information architecture, trying a couple of creative concept explorations, the content had to be updated to match the new direction and messaging. 

Naturally this involved the creation of custom illustrations and adaptation of existing ones that were still suitable, icons, and motion graphics to visualize complex and technical processes and services. 

Product datasheets

Digital product datasheets for online distribution. In a rare example of digital materials turned to print, these product datasheets were also developed along side some roll-up banners to be used in our field marketing efforts at events, meet ups etc.

Blog Illustrations

Sample of different illustrations in the updated house style to be used in the Synthesized blog and their respective marketing materials.

Misc. platform and architecture diagrams

Sample of different diagrams in the updated house style to be used in the Synthesized documentation, presentations and articles. The core goal being to simplify and better communicate complex systems/integrations/architecture diagrams in a uniform way across multiple places and channels, thus consolidating and strengthening the new brand.