2020  — 

Selection of work completed while as Product Marketing Designer and Digital Marketing Designer at Unbabel, 2019-2020.

AirLiberty Webpage (product demo)

UI for a functioning webpage to provide a more realistic product demo to potential clients, showcasing specific brand language traits and tones, within the airline/travel sector.

Unbabel Podcast

Visual identity and guidelines for Unbabel's new podcast series, involving podcast cover artwork as well as individual episode artwork, and diverse banner ads and promotional assets

Newsletter redesign

Redesign of newsletter templates and style guides for key content-types, of the 3 different newsletters published by Unbabel.

Customer Centric Conference 2020

Banners and ads for Unbabel's 'Customer Centric' Conference and Roadshow. The CC Roadshow also had print pieces produced for space decoration and guest identification.

Ebooks & Industry Reports

Sample pages of different publications with varied content, to be delivered as gated content via the website and specific landing pages. These needed to be differentiated from other marketing materials (eg. case studies etc), while still remaining on-brand.

Product demo videos

Liaised directly with multiple stakeholders — Head of Design, Product Marketing Managers, UI and product designers, external animator and sound studio, etc — to deliver this key asset to Unbabel's marketing strategies company-wide.

See full list at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgv_GEwGNIUgQZ4ujYbIJVBhklChDL2Uf